Ultimate Vim Keyboard Shortcuts

Last Updated on July 27, 2022 by David

A well-thought-out printable PDF of Vim keyboard shortcuts to enhance your workflow. I hope you find some cool ones you didn’t know about, and also find it a useful reference to the essentials.

These shortcuts are all available out of the box in Vim and Neovim. If you want a full custom setup for Neovim using the best Lua plugins then have a look at my Developer Workstation Setup Script

This cheat sheet is designed to be printed out and kept by your computer as a constant reference. If you are viewing this page on a mobile and it doesn’t display, please download it and open it in a PDF viewer.


  1. Neat post, learned some new commands, even after using vim for over a year already. Thanks!

    I remember the ‘a’ as “around” and really think it helps to memorize it. Need to delete a word? Just use ‘daw’ (delete around word), and surrounding spaces are just as they should.

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